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Baja Hoodies, Mexican Blankets, Mexican Ponchos, Senor Lopez Vest and more.

Baja Hoodies / Drug Rugs

The Baja Hoodie was also associated with many surfers and surfing communities along the Mexican coastal towns and was part of the normal beachwear. Although after becoming associated with the cannabis culture, the Baja got a bad name and was called Drug Rugs, and anyone wearing one of these hoodies was considered to have something to do with drugs! This is not true; The Baja Hoodies are enjoyed by every one of all ages and cultures.

The Baja is very versatile and have a unique style that can be added to your outerwear. Besides providing warmth you can inspire and dazzle your friends with your style of Baja. No matter what you want to call them, Baja Shirt, Baja Hoodie, Drug Rugs, Hippie Hoodie, Baja Coat or Jacket you are sure to make a good impression

THE ORIGINAL OAXACA SHIRT, acrylic cotton polyester blend, assorted colors and sizes. Get yours today! What better way to stay warm in the cool evenings than to wear one of these Baja Hoodies. Use one of these great pull over hoodies for at the beach, camping, around a campfire or just out and about just having fun. 

Senor Lopez Vests

These hippie style vest are very warm and original Senor Lopez. They are of a high quality and must have for the hippie get together or just for lounging around to stay warm in. You are sure to impress your friends wearing one of these at your next outing.  

Mexican Diamond Poncho

The Mexican Diamond Poncho is made from an acrylic cotton polyester blend and is available in your choice of colors. One size fits all with the size of 78" X 48" unfolded 

Mexican Bags and Totes

Made from Baja Hoodie Material, or Mexican Blanket Materials great to use to carry all your essentials, Use as a book bag, purse and more. 12" x 14" 

Free up your hands with our colorful, southwestern inspired carry all tote!! Fun twisted shoulder strap made for comfort and style. Open top and body can stretch for added versatility. They are the perfect size to carry an IPad for on the go travel. 

We also have the smaller totes for a small clutch purse, passport bag or just the right size to carry your phone. The bags and pouches are made of Mexican blanket material and are great for small clutch purse, messenger bag or small carry for phone and more.  The bags measure 7.5" x 6".